As Nature Intended

There is something in nature that manifests out of consciousness. Nature, in a way, possesses a very complex, harmonious, intelligent essence. One that might not be understood by our consciousness and might not be compared to our consciousness, but it is consciousness nonetheless.


Nature has provided the conditions for life on Earth to evolve.

Nature is a library, full of knowledge; it is a school, full of learning; it is a healing place, full of plants and herbs and spices and other treasures, healing our diseases, both physical and metaphysical.

Terence McKenna’s book “Foods of The Gods” establishes a comprehensive viewpoint on nature’s role in human evolution, and probably on all life on earth. Nature provides us with everything we need to survive, from the most “basic” things like water, food and shelter, to resources for our own expansion and evolution.

Our current western-dominated cultural narrative encourages a mindset of seeing and using the Earth and Nature as an inventory of resources. However, Nature holds many lessons for symbiotic, balanced and harmonious arrangement of all living and breathing things – with forests, jungles, deserts, and the multitude of other eco systems present here on Earth.


We have to learn from Nature and change our paradigm. We have to build a society around the respect for nature, the almost divine gratefulness for what it provides us. We have to build an interdependent relationship with earthlings, with nature’s children, in order to fulfil our role on the planet whilst ensuring its survival, its evolution, and its blossoming.

Whilst using psychoactive plant medicines, one might experience an overwhelming connection with all living things, with other human beings, animals, plants, and nature overall. One might innerstand the complex relationship of all living things on Earth, and the caring essence of Earth, or Mother Earth, in all its symbolism.

Whilst the human civilisation is moving towards a rural exodus and a conscious genocide of cultural rural living, we have to re-member our deeply spiritual and fundamental connection to Earth.

We are nature.

Nature is not separate from us.

Life is dancing and we are the dance.

Earth is the host and we are its privileged guests.

We are the blessed few to experience the beauty of life and existence itself, whilst nature is selflessly offering its treasures, its epiphanies, and its endless, unconditional love and beauty.

Humans today are writing more than just their own history. We are writing our civilisation’s history, the Earth’s history, and the story could end faster than it was promised to if we do not become conscious and aware of the lifestyles we lead, the values and mindsets we embody, the search for meaning and awe we have been pursuing for so long, and maybe forgotten about.

We have forgotten the beauty, we have forgotten the mystery, we have forgotten the awe, we have forgotten the divine. We have forgotten to live.

Which is what nature intended:

For us to experience nature, for it is not separate from us, but an inherent part of our human experience. Nature birthed us, as perfect as all its trees, its rivers, its snowflakes and raindrops, its clouds and its ocean waves, its seasons and weathers, its unending cycles of life and death.

We are the eyes with which nature, and the universe, is experiencing and admiring itself.

Let’s reconnect with Earth as our Grandest Mother – a teacher, a host, a source of our existence. Let’s Live As Nature Intended.



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