The Beauty of Unspoken Words

The Beauty of Unspoken Words,

The Beauty,
Of ‘Thank You’ never said,
Of ‘I Love You’ never admitted,
Of ‘You’re Beautiful’ never shared,
Of ‘I Forgive You’ never gifted,
Of ‘I’m Sorry’ never spoken.
Our beautiful resistance to vulnerability,
To feeling human, to taking the risk of throwing our hearts outside of ourselves,
With the risk of not being accepted,
The risk of our love not being shared.
Our restless pursuit for connection,
And yet our endless work to distance ourselves, protect ourselves,
From love, the very thing we are looking for in the first place.
What are we afraid of?
Are we afraid of being rejected?
Are we afraid of not being understood?
Are we afraid of not being loved back, forgiven back, appreciated back?
Our lifelong search for the treasure of love, for the chest of beauty and connection,
And our fear of opening it, when we do eventually find it.
How beautiful.

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