On “Less”

In the light of recent Black Friday frenzy and the upcoming holidays, it felt appropriate to address the topic of minimalism.

Shopping. Somewhere along the way, the joyous holiday season transformed from family time to stress and shopping.

Billboards. Ads. Sale. 50% off everything. Buy now! Only today! Limited! Clearance!

However, Black Friday and holidays are just a symptom of a bigger disease of our society, which has been there for a while and doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon: consumerism.

How can you escape the trap of over-consuming?

Refuse to buy material gifts. Instead, gift time, love and appreciation. Presence, in these busy times, is the best gift you can give. If you still feel like you need to gift something that you purchased, try gifting experiences or only gifting items that are needed by the person receiving the gift. Perhaps even try to gift your Christmas to someone in need?

What is minimalism?

At its core, minimalism is an intentional promotion of things and values you hold dearest and removal of everything that distracts you from it. It’s a way to focus on what’s really important and what gives our lives joy and meaning. It’s living without obsession and dependency.

Why go minimalist?

To de-clutter and be free. And because of the following:

  • More Time
  • More Money
  • More Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Less Stress
  • Easier to Clean and Organise
  • Freedom
  • Visually Appealing
  • Less Consumption
  • Clarity of Mind

And these are only the start.

How hard is it?

Going minimalist isn’t easy. Our society is based on “stuff”. On buying stuff. Owning stuff. Selling stuff. Comparing your stuff to other people’s stuff. Our economy works because we’re incentivised and taught to constantly consume. As you begin to try to move away from accumulating and possessing unnecessary stuff that distracts you from your values, you’ll experience difficulties. And those will be different for everyone.

I’ve personally struggled with memorabilia and home decor more than with clothes or jewellery. I had no issue getting rid of 50% of my wardrobe, but I struggle letting go of small sentimental items I’ve accumulated over the years.

I’m still learning how to think like a minimalist and consume like one.

I’ll give it a shot and I hope to inspire some of you to do so as well. Follow me on my journey towards a more inspired and conscious lifestyle.


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